• Welcome to The 9th ICLSat Pakuan University
  • The 9th ICLS schedule : October 11 - 13, 2018
  • Welcome to Bogor, Indonesia

Sumar Hendayana, Ph.D.,

( Presiden ALSI )

Nine years ago faculty of Mathematics and Science of University of Education of Indonesia (UPI) was initiating the commencement of a conference on Lesson Study for disseminating the best practice of Lesson Study of SISTEMS (Strengthening In-service Teacher Training of Mathematics Education at Secondary Levels) in West Java. The Implementation of Lesson Study was started from one regency in West Java namely Sumedang. Then, it spreads into 16 regencies in West Java. The conference of Lesson Study had been well known as Indonesia Conference on Lesson Study (ICLS). The first through the fifth ICLS was held by Indonesia University of Education supported by the Education Departement of the Government of West Java that involved all teachers in West Java Province.

In order to build up the network of lesson study to be wider in the level  of national and international, all initiators of lesson study in Indonesia agreed that the 6th ICLS in 2015 and the following years will be held at other universities in Indonesia. Therefore, the 6th ICLS in 2015 was held at Ganesha University of Education in Singaraja Bali. Since the commencement of the 6th ICLS, it was spreaded into the International Conference on Lesson Study (ICLS).  In 2016 the 7th ICLS was held at University of Muhammadiyah Malang and Hamzanwadi University held the 6th ICLC in Lombok.

The University of Pakuan will host the 9th ICLS which will be held on 11-13 October 2018. The theme of the conference is Fostering Equality in Lesson Study for Learning Community.  Attending the 9th ICLS, participants will gain invalueable frontier knowledge about education and pedagogy since the 9th ICLS has confirmed the attendance of the caliber international speakers such as Professor Manabu SATO from Japan, Professor Christine Lee from Singapore, Professor Siripaarn Suwanmonkha from Thailand, Professor Anna Permanasari from Indonesia, and Sumar Hendayana, Ph.D. the pressident of ALSI. Besides, the 9th ICLS will facilitate the experts of elementary, secondary, and higher education to share their experiences or the results of their innovation especially in learning improvement that is specially developed through lesson study. The special characteristic of ICLS is that during the commencement of the conference, there will be a package of “school visit”. In this session, the participants of the conference will be led to visit the schools that have implemented lesson study. Therefore, the participants will get opportunity to observe the student learning through lesson study which guide the students to learn by utilizing the local materials. I as the president of ALSI  cordially invite the policy makers, education stake holders, and education practitioners to participate in the 9th ICLS. The other advantage of taking part in the 9th ICLS is all participants will automatically become the member of the Association of Lesson Study Indonesia (ALSI). I wish the 9th ICLS in University of Pakuan in Bogor can run very well as it is expected. 

Dr. H. Bibin Rubini., M.Pd 

( Rektor Unpak )

Welcoming to the 9th International Conference on Lesson Study (the 9th ICLS) at Pakuan University Bogor Indonesia. It is organized with the aim of sharing information and discoveries related to research-based lesson study.

Lesson Study is professional learning tool which is implemented in many countries and it has already helped schools around the world develop into learning communities included Pakuan University, Indonesia.

Pakuan University has already implemented Lesson Study since 2012. Starting in 2013 and still committed to implement lesson study either on campus or off campus in collaboration with Bogor city and district education office. Currently Pakuan University has had several piloting schools in implementing lesson study. This cooperation is expected to improve the quality of teaching and learning process in Bogor especially and West Java Indonesia generally

Welcome to the 9th International Conference on Lesson Study (ICLS)

We are very pleased to be hosting the 9th International Conference on Lesson Studies (ICLS) as one of official agendas of Indonesia Lesson Study Association at Pakuan University, Bogor from October 11-13, 2018. This is the first time that the ICLS has taken place in Bogor, West Java.

ICLS aims to give opportunities to share experience among educators, researchers, stakeholders, and practitioners working in schools and universities in Indonesia and abroad. This scientific forum also provides panel discussion talking over recent issues about challenges in education.

The conference theme focuses on fostering equality through Lesson Study, which covers the following sub themes :

      • Lesson study in theory and practice
      • Collaborative learning in theory and practice
      • Learning quality improvement
      • Research on Lesson Study (method and technique)
      • Learning practice
      • Development of Lesson Study networking
      • Long life education
      • Learning community in theory and practice
      • Lesson study on various fields
      • Lesson study in different cultures and countries
      • Learning strategies on lesson study workshop (promoting and marketing, tutor training, partnership, collaboration in all professions, teacher’s education, integrated curriculum)
      • Lesson plan and lesson design
      • Lesson study and digital media
      • Future development of Lesson Study

  We cordially welcome all participants. We are sure that your participation will contribute to the success of the conference.


Dr. Eri Sarimanah, M.Pd.
The 9th ICLS 2018 Organizing Committee
Universitas Pakuan, Bogor, Jawa Barat.